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About Tri-N-Run Lafayette


Why Tri-N-Run?

Our mission to keep you active and doing what you love to do by providing a fit and gait analysis to guide you in selecting shoes and help you find the right fit for apparel and gear so that you perform at your best, most comfortably, and with less injuries.....both work and play.

Locally Owned

Tri-N-Run is locally created, owned and operated by Travis and Tami Butts.  Since 2009, Tri-N-Run has been committed to strengthen our local community.

Your Money Matters

Spend $100 at a local business and about $68 returns to the area economy.  Spend $100 at a national chain and less than half makes its way back.

Gait analysis

Let our experts watch you walk/run during the gait analysis and guide you in the selection of your running shoes.  You will get the right fit for you.

Expert Input

Not just guiding in footwear selection and getting the right fit with apparel, our knowledgable and encouraging staff is here to assist you achieve your goals.

Great Events

Tri-N-Run hosts free monthly fun runs from the store, the Give Thanks 5K every Thanksgiving, and sponsors countless running, cycling, and triathlons every year.


Get the right shoe and apparel, but also get the right education.  Tri-N-Run offers educational and informational clinics on nutrition, body management for runners, Good Form Running, or technical visits from our vendors at a Fun Run.  Our coaches also provide individual or group training for the perfect race preparation, 5K, half marathon, marathon, triathlon and everything in between.  Check out our half marathon training programs on the Training Page.

Giving Back

Over the years, Tri-N-Run has donated thousands of dollars in product or cash to local charities.

50 Best Running Stores

Don't take our word for it.  Competitor Magazine select Tri-N-Run as best 50 Best Running Stores in America 2013. 



As a family, we have moved around the United States and Japan for the past 19 years.  We moved to Lafayette Indiana and immediately knew this was the town we wanted to settle down in.

For many years our dream has been to open a business. As a couple, we bring both aspects of fitness to our business: someone working towards staying fit and a competitive athlete; Tami enjoys working out for her health while Travis enjoys training to compete in triathlons, marathons, and multi-sport events.

Our desire is to provide Lafayette and the surrounding communities with access to high quality athletic apparel and accessories normally found in bigger cities, without the drive! We believe everyone can achieve any goal they set their mind to, no matter how big or small.


Tami is her family’s number one fan. Watching the family compete is such a treat. She is most impressed with the “underdog” that has the dedication to push themselves to reach their goals. She enjoys cross training, jogging, and Seidokan karate. For the last several years she has homeschooled their two girls and toted them around to swim practices. Before that, Tami was a Sr. Project Research Associate in the clinical research field assisting in the documentation of experimental medication and therapies.


Travis has been in service to this great country of ours for over 18 years. He loves the sport of triathlon and has competed at all levels of triathlon, from sprint to Ironman distances and has completed numerous marathons. Family vacations are planned according to race locations! His desire is to provide the Greater Lafayette Indiana area and surrounding counties with access to a specialty store to support the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, biking, and running.