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  • 350 E. State Street, Suite B West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
    Wabash Landing (near Panera and Scotty's)


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Author: Shelley S.

You guys rock!! I bought my first pair of real running shoes from you after having my gait analyzed. That was 3 years ago...life threw me a few curve balls along the way and I was not able to keep up my running schedule or afford new shoes as I needed them, but those shoes lasted me for a solid year of walking/running and I still wear them (just not for running) I cannot wait to come in to your new location for my next pair finally!! Thank you for promoting good health to people of all skill and fitness levels. Cannot wait to run again!!


Author: Sue S.

I want to thank you for the best customer service I have ever encountered! The salesman went above and beyond for me! I have told everyone of of my experience in your store!
Thank you so much and my feet are sooooo happy!
Sue S


Author: Robert Hagen, MD

I want to congratulate you on being a Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month for August.  This is a great accomplishment for you.  I have many patients who have had an excellent experieince at your business and I appreciate the help that you have given them.  My own son is a customer and has recommended you also.

Keep up the good work.


Author: Peter Diewerts

Don't do this kind of thing much but Tri-N-Run provided great service and I wanted to let people know. I buy a lot of shoes and almost all online. I typically buy and return a few before I find what I need. For my last pair I emailed Sarah at Tri-n-run and she ordered in the pairs I wanted to try. When I came in there were the two pairs I wanted plus a few more they thought I might like. The service was great, as someone sat with me the entire time talking pros and cons of each. I bought the pair I thought I wanted, got it home and changed my mind. They exchanged it no problems for another pair. Seriously a great local business that does things they way they should be done.


Author: Danette C.

★★★★★ I'm very new to running! They were extremely helpful, super nice, and very knowledgeable!!! New favorite store in town!!! 
Danette Chapman 


Author: Grant

I visited your store on 7/16/14. I have been running for about 3 years/average about 20 miles a week and this was the first time I had been professionally fitted for shoes. After trying on several pairs I decided on a brand and size I never had tried before, Asics GT-2000 size 14. In the past I've always worn a Brooks size 13 but after running in the new shoes last night I will never go back. These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever ran in. My wife has also recently started running and had never been fitted for shoes until yesterday as well. After the analysis she realized that she had been running in the wrong shoes. She also went with a brand and size she never tried before. She also says the new shoes are the most comfortable she has ever ran in. So to sum everything up I just want to say thank you to our sales representative. I didn't catch his name but he was a slim guy, short hair, wore glasses.. He did a great job and my wife and I will be back in the future for our running needs.


Author: Colette

I was in on Good Friday with a very bad set of Nike's, and was able to leave with a well sized pair of Brooks. Just wanted to let you know today I ran my 1st 5k duration since 1997.  Thanks so much for your patient service.


Author: Annie S

Brandon was extremely helpful to me as a beginner. He found me some shoes that I really like and turned me on to C25k. Since then, the rest of the staff has been helpful and friendly, too. I'd encourage any beginner to drive over there and go on in. Oh, and I have run a 5k with more to come!

Author: Sharon W

Thank you for helping me with new running shoes today! Very much enjoyed the experience....will always buy my running shoes from you.


Author: Jenn S

I was in on Saturday for a new pair of running shoes. I'm not a distance runner by any means (I top out at the occasional 5K), but that didn't matter. The staff was awesome! Jim and Matt helped me get fitted with the right shoe for me. It was a great experience and I don't plan to ever buy running shoes from anywhere else. I'd recommend Tri-N-Run to anyone who needs to find the right running shoe.


Author: Debrah

Thanks to SaRah Hill for listening to me ramble on about my aches and pains and helping me find a new pair of shoes...am never disappointed by the staff and service at this store!!!


Author: Patrick F.

Just after I moved back to college to start XC season, one of my friends from home was talking to me about
my Brooks Adrenalines. Turns out he bought his Brooks Trances at Tri-N-Run. I had never heard of the store until then. I was interested to hear that there was a running store so close to my house! When I was home for spring break
about 3 weeks ago, I finally had the chance to stop in and see the store in person. Wow! I was so impressed not only by your selection, but also by your staff. The first person I met was the manager, and unfortunately I did not
catch her name. We talked about how excited I was to finally see the store, about old injuries, and how we have each had to learn to love cross-training. Next I got to meet Jim, who was so much fun to talk with. We talked about
races, events, shoes, gait and form, and clever ways to stay involved with running after I graduate next year. He let me try out the New Balance 5000s and some other cool shoes. Overall, I was really impressed with your store's
selection, location, knowledgeable staff, and great service! Thank you for being the highlight of that day. I look forward to visiting again when I get home for the summer!


Author: Lara F.

"I attended the Good Form Running clinic last Tuesday and tonight was my first run using the new techniques (I had done a little practice on the treadmill, but not an actual distance run). I have to say - it was a great run! Had my best 5K time ever and felt awesome. Thanks for hosting the clinic and helping me so much!! "


Author: Lisa H.

"Super customer service and very knowledgeable staff.  You can't go wrong with Tri N Run."


Author: Michael D

"Avoid injury. Get a properly fitted shoe for your running style."


Author: Jon G.

"Great place for running shoes and tri clothes!  The owners are really nice too!"

Author: Lori M.

"They work well with individual needs!"


Author: Angela P.

"I just returned from my first trip to Tri-N-Run.  I have to say, I honestly dont know that I've EVER had service as wonderful as I just experienced.  I wish I had the names of the associates working.  EXCEPTIONAL service.  I WILL return, and send anyone I know there.  Thank you so, so much."